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Project Description
Wiki Markup Converter is a Windows graphical tool made to convert from one markup to another (i.e. DokuWiki to Markdown).

Wiki Markup Converter is a personal project presented as an Open-Source Windows graphical application made to convert easily one or multiple files from one markup type to another one.

This tool supports file to file conversion and recursive directory conversion, you can also easily select the extensions to include in the conversion process.

Current State:
The core software is functional and is based on regular expressions stored in an XML file.
The XML file contains Regex to convert from a markup and to this markup for each tags.

For now it contains some examples but it's not fully functional for all those markups and some more Regexp should be added.

The XML file supports multiple regexps per markup to match all possible cases. The markups will be processed in order, and the destination markup will try to match.
For example if Converting from Markdown to DokuWiki:
The second Regex for a Link From MarkDown will try to find the Second regex for a link To Dokuwiki. If DokuWiki Link don't have 2 regexps, then the first one will be used.

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